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opla wall switch
by: Designed Blinds Australia®


Wall Switches

Wall switches can be either hardwired or use radio remote control to manage your light and shade. New generation wall switches are wireless and do not require to be hardwired into the houses power supplier, saving you cost of electrical wiring.

Somfy® wall switches

Somfy® remotes available with products by these brands:

situ wall switch
Situ RTS

Integrates the convenience of a hand held remote without the need to hard wire a switch. Able to control one motor or one group of motors.

inis wall switch

This hardwired switch available in single or dual controls on the same wall plate. Able to control two motors or two group of motors.


The Soliris is a hardwired switch that incorporates the control of a sun sensor.

chronis wall switch

Allows pre-programming the times for opening and closing as well as an absence mode for when you are gone for longer periods. The movement of your window treatments simulates a presence in your home, thus deterring burglars.

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Wall Switches by Silent GlissŪ

9946 Uni Tec Wall Switch

This is a single channel wall switch able to switch a sensor on and off. There is no wiring required.

9943 Memo Tec

This is a single channel wall switch with an intelligent daily and weekly time setting. The switch also incorporates an intermediary position. There is no wiring setting required.

silent gliss wall switch
9948 Astro Tec

This single channel controller has a variety of built in functions, including programmable sunset and sunrise times along with holiday mode and incorporates an intermediary position. There is no wiring setting required.


Wall Switches by Designed Blinds Australia®

opla wall switch
Opla Wall Plate

This clever designed wall plate will coordinate into almost any décor. The Opla comes in two designs square and rectangular with several standard colours or match the plate colour to your wall colour. There are a choice of single channel, 2 channel, 3 channel, 6 channel and 80 channel options with sun sensor control. There is no wiring setting required.


plano wall switch

The Plano is the wall switch counter part to the Ergo remote control. There is a choice of single channel, 4 channel (with sun sensor) and 6 channel option control. Available in White. There is no wiring setting required.