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eolis wind sensor on awning
by: somfy



Sensors are a convenience way to protect you and your window treatments from exposure to unfavourable weather conditions and to screen the sun, UV and excess heat exchange in areas and times you are not around.

How to they work?

Once the sensor reaches a pre-set threshold the sensor will send the commands to the motors to alter the blind, awning or lourves as required.

sun sensor
Sun Sensors

Sun sensors can be hardwired or radio controlled. The Sunis Somfy® sensor is Wirefree and uses a solar cell for its own power supply. Sun tracking devices are also available that can adjust you shading according to the position of the sun at any point in the day.

wind sensor
Wind Sensors

Wind sensors are recommended for all external installations and will retract an external blind in the event of high winds. They can combine a sun sensor in the same unit.

movement sensor
Movement Sensors

The compact 3D Wirefree Eolis unit can be applied to an extendable arm awning, taking the place of a wind sensor for monitoring windy conditions.