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sun louvre 120mm spiral pivot
by: louvretec

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Sun Louvre Systems

The scope of the Louvre Tec range incorporates an extensive array of blade sizes, operating systems and bracketing fixing methods.

There are eleven different Louvres sizes starting from the 40mm Midi blade through to 600mm Maxi blades.

Louvre systems can be fixed, hand operable or fully motorised and comes with a wide variety of framing elements.

Your installation will be primary determined by the exposure of the system to the wind. This identifies the maximum span you can make the louvre between fixing points. The larger the louvre more distance you can cover.

spans for horizontal louvres
louvre type inside Low Med high vhigh specs
40mm mini 150cm 135cm 120cm 110cm 100cm download pdf
70mm mini 205cm 190cm 170cm 150cm 140cm download pdf
90mm midi 235cm 200cm 185cm 160cm 150cm download pdf
150mm midi 290cm 275cm 250cm 220cm 200cm download pdf
120mm 240cm 230cm 210cm 185cm 170cm download pdf
180mm 310cm 295cm 270cm 240cm 220cm download pdf
200mm maxi 370cm 370cm 355cm 295cm 260cm download pdf
300mm maxi 480cm 480cm 480cm 420cm 370cm download pdf
600mm maxi 715cm 655cm 560cm 470cm 410cm download pdf
wind zones defined
wind zone Low Med high vhigh
factored wind speed at building 32 m/s -
37m/s -
44m/s -
50 m/s -
ultimate limit state loads [kPa] +1.1

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