90mm kiss pivot on fixed frame

90mm kiss pivot in fixed frame
by: louvretec

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Hand Operated Sun Louvre Systems

There are two hand systems the Spiral and the Kiss Pivot operations.

The Spiral Pivot

The Spiral Pivot offers a clean seamless approach using a sophisticated quad gearbox, UV treated self lubricating bearings. This mechanism is housed in a neat 50 x 75mm drive box running the length of the system. The system is then actuated using a range of suitable handles or cranks. The blades will swing through 180° allowing full control in all conditions.

The Kiss Pivot

The Kiss Pivot is a simple approach to operation using double drive arms providing finger tip control. The blades close quietly onto a woolpile closing strip and can be secured with a six point Sidelock which holds the blades in the desired positions.

hand operated spiral pivot system hand opersted spiral pivot system
spiral pivot system

Hand operated Airfoil Louvres
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bracket fixed louvres bracket fixed louvres
kiss pivot system

Mini and Midi Louvre
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