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system 860 + system 810
by: markilux

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Roller Blinds by Markilux

Markilux combines German efficiency and engineering to offer a wide range of specialized roller blinds to deal with every type of commercial or domestic installation.

Motorisation is by Somfy and hardware can be powder coated to any RAL colour as specified with extra corrosion protection finishes available as required.

This exclusive range from Markilux includes a variety of options with guide wires, side rails, side channels along with automated drop arm awnings and Markisolette type systems. The range also offers the unique 760/860 Series, a fabric tensioned roller system which is specially designed for high wind conditions.

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external rollers by markilux®
headbox min. bulkhead
710 70-500cm 2 9.5x9.5cm 13.5x13.5cm
810 71-500cm 2 12.5x11.7cm 15.5x16.5cm
720 71-300cm 2 9.5x9.5cm 13.5x12.5cm
820 71-300cm 2 11.5-11.7cm 12.5x14.5cm
730 75-700cm no 9.5x9.5cm 13.5x13.5cm
830 75-700cm no 12.5x11.7cm 15.5x14.5cm
740 75-300cm 2 9.5x9.5cm 11.0x15.5cm
840 75-300cm 2 11.5x11.7cm 12.5x15.5cm
750 74-500cm 2 9.5x9.5cm 13.5x13.5cm
850 74-500cm 2 12.5x11.7cm 15.5x16.5cm
760 62-405cm no 9.5x9.5cm 13.5x13.5cm
860 62-405cm no 11.5x11.7cm 14.0x13.5cm
700 series rollers have a square head box
800 series rollers have a round head box

Operational Function

710/810 Side guide wires
720/820 Side rails
730/830 Drop Arm awning with gas piston pivot arm
740/840 Markisolette roller with angled side rails + gas piston tensioned arms
750/850 Stainless steel guide rods, suited to windy locations
760/860 Fabric tensioning system, which maintains tension on the fabric during windy conditions and acts as a wind barrier device