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SG-8700 skylight system
by: silent gliss®

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Skylight Systems by Silent Gliss

skylight systems by silent gliss®
projection max cover
sg 0120 Tess 120-500cm 600cm 18m2 *
sg 0420 fts 120-500cm 600cm 16m2 *
sg 2195 wintergarden 0-240cm 600cm 36m2 #
sg 8700 panel 0-500cm 1200cm 50m2 ~
sg 8800 panel 0-300cm 1200cm 36m2 ^
* Relieving roller required for blinds over 3m draw.
# Bend up to 20cm radius, slopping to max 45°, link up to 3 systems to 6m width.
~ Slopping to max 30°, able to adapt to angles with cantilever extensions.
^ Slopping to max 30°, fabric panels are fixed at 36cm.