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84mm flat sliding panels
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Thermalite Internal + External Shutters

Thermalite Shutters are made from non toxic, fully recyclable natural solid Polymer foam which looks and feels like wood. The standard shutter uses a colonial stile with 90mm elliptical blade with a painted finish. The standard operation is Ultra Clear which uses an internal geared mechanism to operate the blades.

Thermalite Shutters carry a 25 year warranty on all moving parts, workmanship and against materials warping and cracking. In addition, there is a 10 year warranty on the painted finish. For more information visit

thermalite shutters
features benefits
Insulating properties High R rating, up to 3 x greater than timber and 1500 x greater than aluminium blinds.
Fully recyclable material Uses no timber components in their construction.
Flame retardant Great piece of mind, ideal for aged care, schools and hospitals.
Water resistant Use in ANY wet area application, internally or externally.
Australian made Supporting Australian manufacturing and reduced lead times.